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While on one of her jungle missions, Jungle Jenny caught Trader Trey attempting to illegally trade and traffic one of the most critically endangered iguanas on Earth – The Grand Cayman Blue Iguana.

After being rescued, JuanZilla (JZ) decided to join forces with Jungle Jenny to help stop the trafficking and trading of all endangered animals around the world and has become JJ’s best friend and best weapon.

His mystical study of the martial arts has made JuanZilla a unique and dangerous opponent in combat. Overtime, JZ has learned to harness his inner power, or “chi”, which he uses to perform superanimal feats. With his razor sharp tail, he thwarts off the evil villains and is always there to project Jungle Jenny.

These beautiful blue lizards are considered to be a national treasure in the northwest region of the Caribbean and very appealing to exotic animal collectors (despite them being illegal) due to their rarity and are now facing extinction.