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About Jungle Jenny

JUNGLE JENNY (JJ), our hero and star of the show has many adventures with her magic bag of animals which often helps in dangerous situations.

During her adventures, JJ meets up with Trader Trey, Poacher Pete, Trapper Todd, Hunter Harry, Smuggler Sam and many others to combat poaching, trafficking, or possession of legally protected flora and fauna.

With a little help from JuanZilla and Confucius, JJ always completes her mission.

Jungle Jenny lives off the grid in a secret sustainable undisclosed location in the middle of the rain forest. From a philosophy of co-operation with nature and each other while caring for the earth and people, she presents an approach to designing her environment with diversity, stability and resilience of the natural ecosystems.

JJ’s mission is to help conserve and preserve the flora and fauna around the world, especially in the rain forest.  As a photojournalist working in the field, her choice to live at the heart of the source deep in the jungle with these plants and animals has made all the difference in their survival and has helped her in reporting the full story on what’s really happening there.

Her passion is to help protect tropical and temperate rain forests, preserve indigenous species, habitats & wildlife, protect critically endangered animals, provide education and be the voice that addresses threats to these conservation challenges.

She has always been very concerned with our changing world and the animals struggling to survive in it. Her curiosity in understanding how human population and increased developmental activities have affected the Earth’s ecosystems & wildlife habitats over the years has led JJ on a new “Earth Protector” type of journalistic mission.