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CONFUCIUS The Chameleon (CC) is the most fascinating of all Jungle Jenny’s friends. He is one of the most powerful and intelligent beings in the jungle.

He is Jungle Jenny’s spiritual teacher and mentor.  Confucius is a wise lizard who meditates and practices Tai Chi daily while living the wisdom of the Tao.

Having the gift of adaptive camouflage (which allows Confucius and his friends to blend into its surroundings) provides JJ the protection she needs to be very stealthy during her missions.


As his eyes rotate and move independently of each other, Confucius has the ability to see in both the past and the future simultaneously and detect dangers more clearly from any direction.

He has mastered the art of telepathy whereby he picks up and understands the brain waves of others.  Through patience and intense training, he can ‘tune in’ to the thoughts of another person, while injecting one’s own thoughts into the receptive areas of another person too!